Handgun, Shotgun, & Rifle

We offer training for Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians. Our training programs includes conventional and special operations training to meet the needs of today's threats. 

Here is your chance to learn proper and effective firearms training. I teach handgun, shotgun, and rifle platforms  basic shooting, defensive shooting, and tactical shooting.

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                                                                                                            SELF DEFENSE TRAINING 

I offer a wide variety of Self Defense and Combative training ranging from One on One Personal training to Self Defense Seminars and Workshops to Combat Fighting and Street Survival. If you ever wanted to learn how to legally and effectively defend yourself, your family, and your home you have come to the best resource available. 

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                                                                                 CONSULTING - COACHING - GUEST SPEAKER

Does your show or broadcast need a Subject Matter Expert (Self Defense, Deadly Force, Police Operations, or Security Operations)?

Does your audience need to hear a different but effective perspective on Safety & Security?

Can your organization, company, club, corporation, or group benefit from a modern presentation on personal safety?

Do you know someone who can benefit from a Warrior's perspective on life, love, and business? 

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